New Videos 🌈 💕 Good Morning! Junkers F.13 crash: On November 24, 1923, Aviation History, Why Plane Crashes?💕

💞💞Good morning, Why Planes Crash? 💞💞|The DEADLY Impact That A Decision-Making Can Have | Heat Of The Moment | Mayday | #Mayday #Mayday | #AirDisasters

On November 24, 1923, a Junkers F13 airship crashed into a hill outside Frankfurt, Germany; all 63 passengers and crew died. This tragic event is sometimes called the “Mayday Air Disaster.”

In this video, we’ll explore the aviation history of the Junkers F13 airship and discuss why plane crashes happen. We’ll also explore the history of aviation and the Mayday Air Disaster and provide a streaming link so you can watch the event live as it happens!
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